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Kerti Sakk Gartenschach Garden Chess


Quercus Kerti Sakk
Több, mint sakk a kertben

More than chess in the garden

Garden Chess / Outdoor Giant Chess

Quercus Garden Chess made of solid wood applying exacting workmanship can even serve as a garden ornament. Also, it may become a peachy dash of color of holiday resorts, beaches, or downtown squares.

Quercus Garden Chess is available in 3 standard sizes, variations of 2 basic colors, and timbers. (60 cm size, and pine wood suggested, but individual requests are also welcome.)

The outdoor giant chess set contains 32 pieces pickled, double lacquer-coated, but it does not contain the chess board – you are advised to prepare that from weather-resistant material (outdoor tiles, stone, handled solid wood, etc.). For optimal field-sizes, see 'Termékek'. For your chess set, we also offer a suitable carriage.

Upon request, we also transport the garden chess sets ordered, and - in case of proper use - we undertake 1 year guarantee. Chess pieces for replacement are also available for all sizes, and you may order stand-alone chess pieces as ornaments, too.

For further information on garden chess, please send us an e-mail or call: +36 30 841 96 37.