Magnus Carlsen secures first World Cup victory (

Carlsen World Cup 2023 winner

Former World Champion Magnus Carlsen has accomplished a significant milestone in his illustrious chess career by capturing his inaugural World Cup title, the only tournament that was missing from his immense collection of victories.

All three top-placed players have qualified for the 2024 Candidates tournament which is due to take place next April in Canada. If Carlsen officially declines to take part – he has hinted in the interviews that he might not be interested in playing in the event – then Nijat Abasov, who finished fourth, will replace him.

After a quiet draw in the second game of the finals, Carlsen – who is recovering from food poisoning – defeated the 18-year-old Indian prodigy R Praggnanandhaa in the tiebreaks. It took just two tiebreak games and about one and a half hours.

Ferenc Berkes in the eight-finals of the World Chess Cup

The Hungarian grandmaster first defeated former World Championship finalist Boris Gelfand of Israel and then Russia’s Nikita Vityugov, ranked 25th in the world. In the round of 32, he was up against former world champion Ruslan Ponomaryov, the two-time Olympic team champion from Ukraine, whom he defeated in the first game on Wednesday. In Thursday’s rematch, a draw in the dark was enough for him to reach the eight-finals.

Berkes Ferenc