Magnus Carlsen secures first World Cup victory (

Carlsen World Cup 2023 winner

Former World Champion Magnus Carlsen has accomplished a significant milestone in his illustrious chess career by capturing his inaugural World Cup title, the only tournament that was missing from his immense collection of victories.

All three top-placed players have qualified for the 2024 Candidates tournament which is due to take place next April in Canada. If Carlsen officially declines to take part – he has hinted in the interviews that he might not be interested in playing in the event – then Nijat Abasov, who finished fourth, will replace him.

After a quiet draw in the second game of the finals, Carlsen – who is recovering from food poisoning – defeated the 18-year-old Indian prodigy R Praggnanandhaa in the tiebreaks. It took just two tiebreak games and about one and a half hours.

Ferenc Berkes in the eight-finals of the World Chess Cup

The Hungarian grandmaster first defeated former World Championship finalist Boris Gelfand of Israel and then Russia’s Nikita Vityugov, ranked 25th in the world. In the round of 32, he was up against former world champion Ruslan Ponomaryov, the two-time Olympic team champion from Ukraine, whom he defeated in the first game on Wednesday. In Thursday’s rematch, a draw in the dark was enough for him to reach the eight-finals.

Berkes Ferenc

New trend among teenagers: more and more are playing chess

New trend among teenagers: more and more are playing chess

Chessboards rediscovered

During the quarantine period, chess boards were found in many families, but the wave clearly started when The Queen’s Gambit starring Anya-Taylor Joy hit the ratings. In the first 28 days, the fictional story of chess genius Beth Harmon was screened to 62 million households.

New trend

The popularity of the sport has continued to soar ever since, and has successfully attracted schoolchildren: more and more are playing chess.

One of the most popular chess platforms,, had 10 million active users at the end of January this year, and by April that number had jumped to 12 million. Before the covid pandemic, it had less than 2 million users.

Chess can give you an edge in business: 5 skills to learn

Chess combines elements of sport, science and art, and can be used to develop a range of skills and abilities that can be put to good use in business. These include strategic planning, pattern recognition and adaptability,” says Norbert Fogarasi, head of Morgan Stanley’s Budapest headquarters and a master chess player in training.

For the fourth year in a row, the company has supported the World Chess Festival, which was launched by Judit Polgár. According to the world’s most successful female chess player, the game can also benefit everyone in developing problem-solving skills.

Sakk - üzlet - strategia

F1 – mini chess club insights: “We’re pretty hooked”

F1 - Sainz és Leclerc (Ferrari )

As more and more people discover the game, chess has infiltrated the F1 paddock. Two Ferrari drivers in particular, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, have become chess fans (alongside golf and padel).

“Actually, I’ve always loved chess, even as a kid,” Leclerc told of one of his new hobbies, explaining how Sainz became his number one playing partner. “I think this year it all started with boredom before the press days. We didn’t know what to do, and because he saw me playing chess on my phone he said OK, he’ll download it. We got pretty hooked on the game in the first half of the season, playing each other non-stop.”

Carlsen for the fourth time!

The world championship final was originally scheduled for the second half of 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. The 14-game match was scheduled to take place in Dubai from 24 November to 10 December 2021.

Magnus Carlsen once again defended his world title, this time for the fourth time, after winning the 7.5 points needed to claim the throne after just 11 games in the final.

The Norwegian star forced Nyepomnyascsij to give up the game in the 49th move. Carlsen won another victory to win the match 7.5-3.5 and defend his world title for the fourth time.

The world number one leads the world rankings with 2,855 ELO points.

Carlssen, Magnus