Ferenc Berkes in the eight-finals of the World Chess Cup

The Hungarian grandmaster first defeated former World Championship finalist Boris Gelfand of Israel and then Russia’s Nikita Vityugov, ranked 25th in the world. In the round of 32, he was up against former world champion Ruslan Ponomaryov, the two-time Olympic team champion from Ukraine, whom he defeated in the first game on Wednesday. In Thursday’s rematch, a draw in the dark was enough for him to reach the eight-finals.

Berkes Ferenc

Carlsen for the fourth time!

The world championship final was originally scheduled for the second half of 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. The 14-game match was scheduled to take place in Dubai from 24 November to 10 December 2021.

Magnus Carlsen once again defended his world title, this time for the fourth time, after winning the 7.5 points needed to claim the throne after just 11 games in the final.

The Norwegian star forced Nyepomnyascsij to give up the game in the 49th move. Carlsen won another victory to win the match 7.5-3.5 and defend his world title for the fourth time.

The world number one leads the world rankings with 2,855 ELO points.

Carlssen, Magnus