Lathed wooden giant chess pieces in carrier frame

Chess pieces

The lathed wooden garden chess can be a decoration of gardens, holiday homes, beaches, public spaces – as well as a colorful spot for home and company events and parties!

The set includes 32 giant chess pieces, stained and varnished. Of course, it is possible to replace a damaged chess piece, or you can order Quercus Garden Chess Pieces as decorative elements.

The Quercus Garden Chess King is 60 cm high and the heaviest piece weighs 4 kg. The chess pieces have a base diameter of 14 cm.

Quercus Kerti Sakk világos bábuk

Carrier frame

Quercus Kerti Sakk szállítókeret

We also offer a carrier frame of a suitable size for all our stocks. After use, the puppets should be stored in a shady, dry place.

Quercus Garden Sacks are guaranteed for 1 year under normal use. We enclose instructions for professional care.

If required, we can also deliver the chess set to your location: ask for our offer calculated on the basis of the delivery distance!


The Quercus Garden Chess set does NOT include the chessboard – we recommend that you make it from a weatherproof material (outdoor paving, stone, treated wood, rekortan, etc.).

The chessboard for a 60 cm king height set requires a footprint of approximately 2-3 meters x 2-3 meters. This will ensure that players can comfortably enter between the 14 cm diameter pieces.

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